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Engineers have been obsessing over submarine design for more than 200 years. They haven’t eliminated friction drag, an obstacle to forward motion when water gets stuck on the hull’s outer surface. In these clubs, you can choose to order food from the kitchen. They refer to it as LiquiGlide and describe it as a structured liquid that is rigid like a solid but slippery like liquid. For instance, a group of researchers from Harvard University studied the carnivorous pitcher leaves of the plant, which are characterized by tiny ridges that hold the nectar-like liquid between the leaves. Researchers recreated the slope of the pitcher plant in the laboratory by constructing an unplanned network composed of nanoposts that repel water coated with Teflon and microfibers and then soak them into an extremely fluorine-rich liquid.

Researchers have been able to stop bacteria from spreading through medical devices like catheters and lab surfaces with an acrylate-polymer similar to those used in the plastics industry. What are frictionless surfaces good for? You can stop the growth of biofilms by preventing the attachment process. A biofilm forms when a few untrained microorganisms slide across an instrument for rub ratings surgery or a countertop. They adhere to the surface via adhesive molecules made of glue or through the use of pili-like structures. Criminalization advocates believe that the best way to shield women from interpersonal violence is to punish sex workers and customers for participating in the selling and buying of sexual products. Sexual workers, offline and online, are often harassed by stalkers and unwanted messages, among other forms of harassment.

The reviews that have followed Sex have been more favorable. To emphasize the message, many acronyms will have an F or MF. OMG ‘oh My God is now OMFG ‘oh me fucking God.’ Rub the inside of a bottle of condiments with LiquiGlide, and the contents fall out like the poop of a goose. The surface is so slippery that insects that fall on it slide off and drop into deep, pitcher-shaped pouches where enzymes consume them. The liquid created a layer between nanostructures that stopped the water and other materials from flowing between them, creating a nearly non-stick surface. The same condiment-loving MIT team has an answer: cover the inside bottles with a special material that stops ketchup mayonnaise or any other sauce from sticking to the surface.